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Try Holy Fire Reiki and Energy Medicine Techniques. Everything starts with energy. When we learn how to balance it and align our life with our desires the flow of abundance can enter in. Clear past stressful events, family issues and bring in peaceful energy so you can live your best life.

Mental Health Practitioners and other Lightworkers Support?

Want to co-create your desires? Rejuvenate yourself while gaining support and alignment for your business from a heart centered and energetic place. We all need help sometimes. Click below for various ways to gain support..

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Stacey B. Shapiro,


For 20 years Stacey has worked as a mental health therapist, Stacey realized sometimes therapy may not be the right course for those who are looking for their life's purpose, or needing to clear blocked energy causing multigenerational issues on many levels. Here at Awareness Coaching LLC, Stacey specialize in working with those who want something more in their life. Maybe it's knowing your life purpose, or a relationship issue, or better stress management. Co-creating your desires is possible. Reach out through the contact button. Highly sensitive people and Empaths are another area of interest. Curious if you are an HSP or an Empath? Check out the FAQ page.

Since Stacey is also a mental health practitioner for the last 20 years, helping her mental health therapist/practitioner tribe gain self awareness to increase their energy and align with their gifts is another area she offers! See the program just for Mental Health Therapists.

For an understanding of additional areas of service. See the services page.

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"In only one month of coaching with Stacey I have achieved what I was hoping to get from three months. I can't wait to see what else I accomplish with her support. Coaching has enabled me to gain clarity in my business planning that is already translating into increased business. I have tried coaches before and struggled to find quality. Either they were too rigid and were trying to put me into a personality category or they lacked any real order and clarity for how to generate results. Stacey was the perfect balance. Plus she incorporates mindfulness practices into her coaching that provides that extra dimension to my planning. Thanks Stacey, the results in my business have already paid for the coaching."

Janice J.


"Stacey turned my world right-side up! Her empathetic, knowledge and intuitive skills helped me to not only face personal issues but to overcome barriers, focus on my strengths instead of my weakness, turn negatives into positives and to open my mind to new and exciting things. Thanks to Stacey, I was able to get out of my own way so that my life is shifting in the right direction. I have a renewed sense of purpose and zest for life!"

Natalie S.

Occupational Therapist

"I have been seeing Stacey for 8 months now. This coaching experience has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Stacey has helped me become self aware and a lot more confident. With her help, dealing with my teenage years has been easier. Stacey made me feel safe and comfortable. When I first met her I felt an instant connection and I knew she really cares about her patients. Stacey has opened my eyes and has taught me to not be so scared of life."

Kelsey W.


"I'm exited to work with Stacey again. She helped me in my teenage years and now in my 20's. No one was quite like Stacey in her approach and making me feel comfortable. She's super knowledgeable, friendly, calming, and overall an amazing coach. I am so thankful she was brought into my life because she ultimately saved me. She's truly unique and someone you definitely want in your corner if you need advice. I am so grateful every day for what she's done for me. You won't be disappointed if you go to her, I promise. She will be the best coach you've ever gone to!"

Erica P

Stay-at-Home Mom

For Corporations

For Corporations

Stacey is a sought after speaker for corporations. She has presented on topics such as stress management, mindfulness meditation, self care, life work balance, parenting and resilience during a pandemic. Other topics are available upon request. Stacey’s workshops are interactive and creative. Everyone leaves with a few skills to implement right away. I bring workshops to corporations such as Cello Health and Elements Financial. I am passionate about empowering employers to give their employees the benefit of wellness programs. Reach out to me directly to schedule your next lunch and learn.

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