Schools Workshops

Stacey is happy to custom make a wellness class for your organization. Past classes have been Introduction to Mindfulness, Introduction to Stress Management, Stress Management a More In-Depth Look, and Parenting Resilience During a Pandemic. Everyone walks away with at least one or two new, practical skills that are quick to implement daily. Stacey knows how busy everyone is and self-care does not need to take a long time. Imagine if you didn't need a vacation to release stress, instead you know how to release it throughout your day. Making every day a vacation day. Reach out to Stacey for more information.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with our group today. I think that the tools you’ve both shared will be very helpful for all of our employees, especially the parents. I know I will certainly remind myself to take more time for self care and mindfulness." -Jessica D., Human Resources

"I thought that the real life examples were especially helpful and provided a frame of reference for the discussion. I also think that Stacey and Lynne delivered the presentation in a very

relatable way. Although they are experts in their field, they were very engaging and shared

the information in a teaching and supportive way vs a "telling" way. " - Shannon B., Manager