5 Week Live, Self-Care Program

for Busy, Sensitive Moms including

those who identify as empaths

Find hope, joy and connection through this live group with other moms


I know how you feel and exactly what you are going through.

Hi, my name is Stacey Shapiro, I am a mom of two, a healer, a business consultant for therapists and light workers, a certified coach and teacher. In addition, I have 20-plus years of experience working as a trauma-trained mental health therapist. I am also a health/wellness practitioner and Relationship Consultant. I have also studied energy practices through Usui Reiki, and Holy Fire Reiki (by becoming a master and teacher). I wrote a book with my son about his true story called, Jay's Horrible Day. If you are interested see our book page, click here.


Why do moms need a support system?

Did you ever hear, that it takes a village? It is so true. Without my others supporting me, I wouldn't have the energy to do everything I do.

Other moms are the only ones who will get you. Especially in today's times we are all overwhelmed with the fast pace society we live in.

Time is flying by and we want to enjoy these moments when our children are home.

Creating this community for moms is so important. A place to hang your hat but also to connect and learn strategies to become more aligned with who you want to be as a mom.

  • You don't have time.

  • You are too busy.

  • I'm too overwhelmed.

These are all excuses, there is a part of you that is resistant. I get it. I invite you to listen to the part of you that wants to do this.

You deserve this time for yourself, a path back to joy!

You are looking for

something else, something more connected, more real, and something

that will give you the ability to feel recharged and bring some energy to your family also.

As a mom, coach and licensed therapist and mental health practitioner myself, I

specifically designed this 5 week program to teach you how to take

better care of yourself, 20+ years of my training and education into

5 weeks and access to other moms who are like-minded.

Course Content


Week 1

Foundations of Self-Care and Managing a Spiritual Awakening if you are having one

You will learn fundamental skills for making you the most important person in the room. You will also learn how to access your inner self for guidance through specific meditation techniques and tools.


Week 2

Mindset training

If we change our mindset we can change how we perceive things which will reduce stress and overwhelm, bringing more peace and joy.


Week 3

Setting your Daily Structure

Having a routine is key to maintaining a positive state of mind. Therefore, setting up a structure for you and your children. Find yourself again.


Week 4

Getting in Touch with Your Energy.

Learn to manage your energy and stop absorbing everyone's energy around you, including your children's energy. Let's face it children can drain our energy, especially if you do not know how to protect it.


Week 5 The Art of Letting Go

Mindfulness skills are crucial for managing strong emotions and sensations in the body. Learn to go inward and let go of expectations, or strong emotions that no longer serve you.

Course Schedule

5 live learning modules for your self-care

πŸ”˜ You will get access to the recorded videos.

πŸ”˜ This course includes lifetime access to all the workbooks and meditations as well.

πŸ”˜ If you have questions about the course, you can reach out directly to Stacey B. Shapiro

by email for answers. She can be reached at team@awarenesscoachingllc.com.

This 5 week course is only $72/week for a total of $333.00

πŸ”Έ This course will give you MASSIVE value, teach you essential techniques you can use to save yourself from a burn out. In other words, you get this all for less than the price of a night out for dinner and drinks.

πŸ”ΈYou are worth it, you know you can afford it and you know it will benefit you. Therefore, don’t stop yourself from making an investment in the most important person in your life, YOU. You no longer have to go at it alone because you will connect with your soul tribe of therapists and mental health practitioners.

I've worked with lots of busy, sensitive, and empath moms.

Don't take my word for it, you can read about some testimonials here.