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"You are concerned about your child's stress and overwhelm?"


"Parenting feels stressful and overwhelming." Whatever you are concerned about let's figure it out together.

 What if, as a child, you had been taught coping skills? Life would be so different now. Give yourself and your family the gift of coaching for life long skills. What if, you took the time to learn them now and parent from the inside out? The relationships in your family will change for the better.

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Hi, I'm Stacey B. Shapiro. I am passionate about helping overwhelmed and/or sensitive children, teens, and adults/parents transform their lives, going from overwhelmed to calm. There are ways to soothe your nervous system. You can feel healthier and more relaxed. Your family relationships can get better with coaching.
"I help you and your child through Parent Coaching. Focusing on both you and your child, I teach tools and skills that soothe the nervous system, bring awareness, presence, and connection.  So, you both can feel calmer, more in control, and united in your relationship."
Wondering what skills I'm talking about see the Parent Coaching page, click on this page.  I work with parents and their children.  I'm skilled at both having a background in counseling and working with families for twenty years.  See the testimonials below.
"I know this is a challenging yet crucial time for both of you and your child, so I have created a Free workbook for you to use, even if we do not work together." In addition to the workbook, I will also send you additional information about coaching services, workshops, and helpful tips so that you don't feel alone in this process.

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“Self-Care Survival Guide:
How to Cope with Life As a Sensitive Person (useful even if you're not sensitive)
for Parents and Children” 

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For easy-to-do self-care exercises, you can teach your child (and do yourself!) to ease your mental, physical, and emotional energy! 

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I’m excited to work with Stacey again. She helped me in my teenage years and now in my 20’s. No one was quite like Stacey in her approach and making me feel comfortable. She’s super knowledgeable, friendly, calming, and overall an amazing coach. I am so thankful she was brought into my life because she ultimately saved me. She’s truly unique and someone you definitely want in your corner if you need advice. I am so grateful every day for what she’s done for me. You won't be disappointed if you go to her, I promise. She will be the best coach you’ve ever gone to!
Erica P
Stay-at-Home Mom
I have been seeing Stacey for over two years now and I cannot believe the impact she has had on my life. I was extremely hesitant about coaching but after one session I knew I made the right decision. I immediately felt comfort and calmness in her presence which gave me the safe space I had always needed to work on myself. Through her I was able to look at my life from a different point of view and discover my true potential. I have never felt more confident and proud of who I am as a person which is something I have struggled with my whole life. She has also showed me how to become more understanding and empathetic to others through her own actions and I am forever grateful.
Michaela H.
Sales Development
"I am so thankful that I found Stacey! I am a proud parent of an 17 year old who struggles with anxiety in social situations. Stacey's coaching techniques have made a positive difference in our lives. Stacey provides a calming and comforting environment. She makes you feel safe. She is friendly, understanding and compassionate. Immediately my daughter and I were drawn to her. With Stacey's coaching and grounding techniques she has helped my daughter establish a foundation to be a positive individual filled with self confidence. We are very grateful.”
Deborah W.
A proud parent
"I have been seeing Stacey for 8 months now. This coaching experience has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Stacey has helped me become self aware and a lot more confident. With her help, dealing with my teenage years has been easier. Stacey made me feel safe and comfortable. When I first met her I felt an instant connection and I knew she really cares about her patients. Stacey has opened my eyes and has taught me to not be so scared of life."
Kelsey W.

Meet Stacey Shapiro

Hi! I’m Stacey B. Shapiro,
Clinical Social Worker, Master Life Coach, Health and Wellness Practitioner
Here at Awareness Coaching LLC, I specialize in working with HSP Children, Adults and Empaths. I help you and your child get in tune with each other and teach you how to cope with your personalities. I turn the traits that used to cause frustration and overwhelm into your biggest superpowers. 🦸