Holy Fire Reiki and Energy Techniques

Who isn’t experiencing stress these days? Especially moms.

Check in with your body right now?

Are you relaxed or tense?

Tense means our body is experiencing stress. Stress can create health problems. Holy Fire Reiki and Energy Medicine techniques can help to unblock the energetic blocks stress creates. Between the technology we use, being overworked and family issues the nervous system is stressed. Anything can be a stressful event if your body feels tense. Come experience this awesome way of gaining peace and health again.

Reiki and energy hygiene (along with essential oils) are my top pics for self-care. Whatever works for you that is needed to be implemented. Use these sessions as a form of self-care. It's amazing to me what else we can uncover and heal during these sessions. The best part is you walk away with tools for daily practice if you choose to implement them.

During coaching sessions, I can teach you mindfulness meditation, and energy hygiene to increase your awareness and

help you figure out what soothes your body so you can balance the stress better improving your health.

Teens and children also benefit from coaching in this way. Check out the children and teen coaching page. For some other ideas for adults and children sign up for future emails on the homepage of sign up for emails and get the FREE workbook.

Enjoy life again! Get rid of tension symptoms.