Family Healings

Healing a family requires some work in the past shifting energy and working on current issues.

Whether you are an adult child wanting to communicate with your parents better, or vice versa a parent wanting a better relationship with your adult children we can help! Stacey has helped many parents and their children communicate in a healthier way so everyone feels heard and a true understanding of one another can take place. It doesn't matter the age of either party, it can be successful!

If you and/or your child are overwhelmed or stressed parent coaching can help with this also. Ask yourself this, what if, as a child, you had been taught coping skills? Life would be so different now, right? Give yourself and your family the gift of coaching for life long skills. What if, you took the time to learn them now and parent from the inside out. The relationships in your family will change for the better. I'm also a Certified Relationship Check-Up Coach. For more information inquire through the contact us button. Below is information on parent coaching through a group coaching program. Click the button for more information.

In addition to individual sessions healing and coaching sessions, I also offer a group coaching program for parents of three to 13 year olds called, The P.E.A.C.E. method. This is a cheaper way to gain the skills and gain support from other parents going through the same thing. In this parenting class you will learn about various skills parents need to parent effectively. One of these skills is learning mindfulness. Another is self-care and truly understanding this concept well enough that you can create boundaries to get your needs met. It can be one of the best things you can do for your family. Once you understand these skills and how to gain self-awareness, you can then teach your children. I don't know about you but if someone taught me these skills as a child there would have been lest angst. This 8- week course will give you some skills to be more

mindful, aware, and conscious about your choices as a parent. If you incorporate the skills you learn,

your family should be on the road to happiness.

Parents sometimes have hectic schedules. This workshop is typically held on a video platform or teleconference platform so you won't have to leave your house/office. You're busy and this should help. It's one hour out of your week for just 8-weeks at a time. Create some child free time or call in during their nap.

Contact Stacey at 610-608-2960 for more information.

***** This video conference will not be recorded due to confidentiality*****


“It was wonderful to practice breathing techniques and grounding. I felt much more relaxed during the session. I will use these techniques immediately in our home life. ”

Adam B.

Computer Specialist –parenting workshop

“Stacey and Pam’s Stress Reduction for Mindful Parenting teleconference has taught me ways to reduce the impact of stress in my daily life. I am more aware of my feelings, my children’s feelings and how to respond to my children in a more positive way!”

Joie W.

Testimonial for parenting workshop