Self Expression Art

When we live from an aligned place life becomes more joyous and abundant. See the case study for more information on what life can look like when we are in alignment.

Are you ready to dive deep and access your soul and subconscious mind? The Event Self Expression Art is a collage process to gain access to your subconscious mind, intuition as well as consciously picking a topic to focus on at later events. You will learn a way to access your intuition as well as gain some insight into your life you may not have been aware of before taking this class. After this process, you will have time to journal and analyze what is coming up for you. Come hang out with a like-minded community that will assist you on your journey. This first event is an introductory course, follow up courses will have specific themes. No experience needed. Bring to the class magazines (we will cut out pictures), calendars with pictures, scissors, glue, 5×8 index cards, and your open mind. Get ready to play, have fun, and connect to yourself and others in a safe place.

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"Stacey is very knowledgeable about the collage process and how it can be used for self-awareness. I was impressed with how much she was able to cover in only 90 minutes. I enjoyed the pleasing music she played while we made the cards and I like how she started off the workshop with how to get comfortable and grounded. I'm excited to make more cards and come to future workshops to get more ideas on how to use the cards in my daily life for journaling and working on other writing projects."

Lorraine H.


"After taking the Introduction to Self Expression Art, I had a sense of peacefulness. I felt grounded and connected with Mother Earth. Stacey was very welcoming and this motivates me to take another class."

Regina B.


The mantra from the card above:

"I will stop hiding to heal my life."

The mantra from the card above,

"I will be ok even though I am grieving."