Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

A fun-filled Teleconference Workshop on Self-Care for Entrepreneurs led by Stacey Shapiro. This workshop will teach you about self care on a variety of levels of self, such as emotional, spiritual, physical, intuitive and mental. You will be guided into self-reflection and given information about how to implement self-care. To tend to your soul, time for SoulCollage® card making or journaling (which ever you prefer) will be given. Create time for yourself! The cost is $75. For more information contact Stacey at 610-608-2960 or The workshop will be recorded. If you can’t make it you can hear it later.

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“It was wonderful to practice breathing techniques and grounding. I felt much more relaxed during the session. I will use these techniques immediately in our home life. ”

Adam B.

Computer Specialist – testimonial for Mindful parenting workshop

“Stacey and Pam’s Stress Reduction for Mindful Parenting teleconference has taught me ways to reduce the impact of stress in my daily life. I am more aware of my feelings, my children’s feelings and how to respond to my children in a more positive way!”

Joie W.

Testimonial for Stress Reduction for Mindful Parenting Teleconference