5 Week Self-Paced, Self-Care & Awakening Program

for Mental Health Therapists & Practitioners

Who Identify as

Highly Sensitive People or Empaths

Your time, attention and presence are what help others progress, live better lives and heal from their past experiences. Self-care enhances your success with others.


I know how you feel and exactly what you are going through.

Hi, my name is Stacey Shapiro, I am healer, business consultant for therapists and light workers, certified coach and teacher. In addition, I have 20 plus years experience working as a trauma-trained mental health therapist. I am also a health/wellness practitioner, and Relationship Consultant. I have also studied energy practices through Usui Reiki, Holy Fire Reiki (by becoming a master and teacher).


Why do therapists also need a support system?

I too was at a point of feeling burnt out, depressed, confused and overwhelmed in my career. After 20 years in the mental health field as a licensed therapist, I realized that no one taught me how to practice true self care. As a mental health practitioner, I put everyone else first and myself last. I gave others the greatest advice on self-care, but I rarely did it for myself.

I also realized that our community has become very dogmatic. Being a realist, I recognize the fact that as advanced as modern science may be, it does not hold all the answers. Science has yet to fully understand all aspects of the human, body, mind, spirit and our human lives.

This is when I also went through an intense Spiritual Awakening process that swept me off my feet. It transformed my outlook on life and showed me my true calling and purpose.

To be a guide, mentor and community leader for like minded people who are going through the same process I was.

  • You don't need another bubble bath.
  • You already know about seeing less patients and taking a vacation.
  • Lounging around on some exotic beach reading a book won't give you the solution you are looking for.
  • Another fancy dinner and bottle of red wine will make you feel better for the night, but you'll wake up to the same problems the next morning.

You're way past these points and you know it!

The best antidote for a burnout is practicing regular


You are looking for

something else, something more sustainable, more real and something

that will give you the ability to feel recharged and refreshed every day.

As a licensed therapist and mental health practitioner myself, I

specifically designed this 5 week program to teach you how to take

better care of yourself as a therapist and mental health practitioner,

AND give you access to a supportive community of

like-minded Mental Health Therapists.

Course Content


Week 1

Foundations of Self-Care and managing a Spiritual Awakening

You will learn fundamental skills for making you the most important person in the room. You will also learn how to access your inner self for guidance through specific meditation techniques and tools.


Week 2

Setting your Daily Structure.

Having a routine is key to maintaining a state of mind. Therefore, this week you'll learn how to do Emotional Freedom Techniques on yourself.. You will also learn how to use these techniques to manage stress and overcome your limiting beliefs.


Week 3

Getting in Touch with Your Energy.

You bathe, brush your teeth and practice physical hygiene daily. Do you practice energetic hygiene as well? Most of us don’t if we don’t know how. This week is going to teach you about the importance of an energetic hygiene practice. Your body has a specific energy signature because it emits an electro-magnetic field. It is able to do this because your cells are full of bioelectrical energy. This is the week where we will dive into our inner selves and connect to the energy around us. This process allows us to recharge and revitalize ourselves.


Week 4

Journey into Your Soul.

Science labels intuition is an abstract sixth sense. It is knowing without the need for cognitive reasoning. This week will give you a fundamental understanding of your intuition, exercises on how to tap into it and a better understanding of how to use it in your daily life. You will also get an introduction to Self Expression Art(R), an intuitive collage art process allowing you access into all levels of you through your subconscious mind.


Week 5

Manifesting and Living with Intention.

The idea of being able to “manifest” is simply based on training your subconscious mind to form patterns of beliefs. Your consciousness will reflect these beliefs in your daily life, relationships and future goals. Now that you understand your energy, your intuition and how to manage your stress, I will teach you how to use this knowledge to manifest the things you want in your life. Living with clear intentions will free you from limiting beliefs, the chains of your past and allow you to take your life to new heights you never thought possible.

Course Schedule

5 self-paced learning modules for your self-care

🔘 You will get access to the recorded videos.

🔘 This course includes lifetime access to all the workbooks and meditations as well.

🔘 If you have questions about the course, you can reach out directly to Stacey B. Shapiro

by email for answers. She can be reached at team@awarenesscoachingllc.com.

This 5 week course is only $59.40/week for a total of $297.00

🔸 This course will give you MASSIVE value, teach you essential techniques you can use to save yourself from a burn out. In other words, you get this all for less than the price of a night out for dinner and drinks.

🔸You are worth it, you know you can afford it and you know it will benefit you. Therefore, don’t stop yourself from making an investment in the most important person in your life, YOU. You no longer have to go at it alone because you will connect with your soul tribe of therapists and mental health practitioners.

Dozens of Therapists and Mental Health Practitioners have worked with me in the past. My programs have helped them find peace, clarity, more energy and more motivation to keep going when times get tough.

Don't take my word for it, you can read about their experiences