Sacred Sisterhood Membership Program

for Mental Health Practitioners/Therapists

As a fellow therapist and mental health practitioner, we understand how you feel and the struggles you face. We know what it is like to try to take on the world by yourself and have no one to turn to. We understand what it is like to feel burnt out, alone, overwhelmed and wondering why you do this job.

to your clients, your family, your friends and in your personal/professional life. Being able to give your best means that you will be able to create the impaact on the world you were put here to create. Giving your best means you will be helping people heal and it means that you will be changing lives.

When you are at your best, you can GIVE your best

Let us help you change lives and live to your fullest potential. By being part of our community you will have a support system that brings out the best in you and takes care of you. We spend so much time giving our energy, attention and empathy to others that we often neglect ourselves.

This community’s main mission is to make sure that YOU are taken care of just as much as you take care of others. You are not here by accident and you are here for a reason.

Membership Program Inclusions:


Live Calls

Access to live monthly 1 hour healing the healer mini-retreats.


Professional Network

Access to a network of mental health professionals who are there to support you.


Safe Space for Expression and Learning

A space to just show up and enjoy being yourself without the fear of judgment or shame in being who you are.


Sacred Sisterhood of Healers

You will meet-like minded individuals who are on their spiritual journey, who can lead and guide you through yours.


Accountability Program

You will be part of a network of powerful women who will support your goals.


Online and In-Person Community

You will be part of a unique community that meets online and has meetings in person for retreats, events and programs.


Confidential Chat App

You will have access to the group via the telegram app, where messages disappear and your identity can be kept confidential.

Enroll Now and Receive These Bonus Programs and Workbooks!

ONLY $ 49.99/month

to be a Member

Bonus Teachings and Workbook

Enjoy six free gifts for being part of the Sacred Sisterhood community,

to learn, grow, and protect yourself from burnout and stress.

Receive a free workbook

This course will show you the ins and outs of creating the private practice you’ve always wanted. It will give you tips, guidelines and insider secrets that are not taught anywhere else.

You also receive E-Books

Meet Stacey B. Shapiro, MSW, MLC, HWP

Stacey has spent the last 20 years developing an intuitive and integrative approach to her work as a Master Social Worker, Play Therapist, Healer, and Master Life Coach.

With HSP’s being over eighty percent of my practice, she has found the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Harmonic Vibrational Matching, Reiki, Soul Expression Art, and other Energy Techniques to be transformative for her clients.

These are just a few of the tools she will teach you to experience more peace in your life. Her style and approach is down-to-earth, collaborative, and her intuitive nature makes it easy for clients to find success.

Currently, she is in private practice, seeing patients virtually. She brings a wealth of information about navigating life-changing and stressful events.

Read more about Stacey here