Who isn’t experiencing stress these days?

Check in with your body right now?

Are you relaxed or tense?

Tense means our body is experiencing stress. Read on to learn more about stress and what you can do. Between the technology we use, being overworked and dealing with covid-19 the nervous system is stressed. Anything can be a stressful event if your body feels tense. Our job is to pay attention to our self care. What I mean by self care is the ability to become aware of our bodies, when they are stressed and know what to do to soothe the body, brain and nervous system. This is especially important for Highly Sensitive Persons and Empaths because their body is already more sensitive. So their system might be at a stress level of a 8 on a 1-10 stress scale regularly and then something very stressful occurs, like a medical issue, or job loss and now they are a 12 on the 1-10 stress scale. If you learn to have your stress level under a 5 you then experience a stressful event you will then move up to a 9 on the scale. I learned this from Julie Bjelland, an expert on the HSP trait.

So, how do we deal with stress differently?

Awareness is the first step.

After awareness comes, tuning into your body in any present moment.

How does your body tell you you are stressed?

Do you get headaches? Muscles tension? Stomach upset?

Meditation and essential oils are my two top pics. It is whatever works for you that is needed to be implemented. I remember in the Masters counseling program I graduated from, they talked about self care and its importance. Well I didn’t realize it at the time but I had no idea what that meant. And a lot of people do not truly know what self care means.

Self-care ultimately means to me that you are able to tune into your body and give it time to relax and heal from stress on a daily basis. Sometimes several times a day. In the mindfulness movement, they recommend setting aside time 5 times a day for 5 minutes to come into the present moment and release any stress. So, when you do self care techniques and are still thinking about the stressors, well that didn’t take away the tension. An important part of this is to listen to your body, clear your mind and watch the stress melt away from your body. Remember mindfulness (awareness and acceptance) is important at the time of doing your stress relieving, self care activity. This would look like when you exercise you are thinking about your body, the movement, the feet hitting the floor, the clothes you are wearing. The opposite of this would be exercising and thinking about all of your problems.

See the difference?

Mindfulness during stress reduction makes all the difference.

Implementing these strategies will help you gain peace.

During coaching sessions, I can teach you mindfulness meditation to increase your awareness and help you figure out what soothes your body so you can balance the stress better. Teens and children also benefit from coaching in this way. Check out the children and teen coaching page. For some other ideas for adults and children sign up for future emails on the homepage of Awareness Coaching, LLC and get the FREE e-workbook :