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Parent Coaching

Are you struggling to navigate the unique challenges life has presented you and your family?

Do you wish you could be more present and mindful within your family system and the world around you?

Have you been feeling less present and more overwhelmed lately? Juggling way too much and need support?

If so, Parent Coaching can help. As a Parent Coach, I work one-on-one with individuals to help them improve their overall well-being. Life can be challenging and stressful; happiness is too easily fleeting sometimes. Working with a mindfulness-based, health, and wellness, parent coach can help you summon your inner strength and feel greater happiness and joy in your day to day life within yourself and your family. If you are happy your children will be happy, trust me I’ve worked with hundreds of families with children.

If you find yourself feeling any of the following:

  • Inability to shut your mind off at night
  • Children aren’t listening to you? Acting out behaviors?
  • Sad about the way your family is operating, Stacey has worked with many families over the last 20 years successfully.

If you have the desire to make a change but have been unable to, then let’s work together.

My specialty is working with parents, children, and families through these challenging times, to help them feel more present, and to help them make the changes that they want out of their life. Sometimes I work with just the children, sometimes just the parents and other times the whole family. Everyone is unique so we will decide together how we proceed.

Reach out today and let’s set up a time to talk about how we can work together to help change your family dynamics.

I help you and your child through  Parent Coaching. Focusing on both you and your child, I teach tools and skills that soothe the nervous system, bring awareness and presence.  So, you both can feel calmer, more in control, and united in your relationship.

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