Coaching provided all over the world through online or phone platforms.
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How Coaching Works

Starting Coaching Sessions with Stacey

Step one

Book a session. Click here to contact me. I will call you back within 24 hours. We will make sure your goals and my style are a good fit. Then I will send you intial paperwork to review and fill out to get started! You will pick the Coaching plan that works best for you. In order for Coaching to be effective at least 6 sessions are needed to get started. The real magic of coaching happens with ongoing sessions because they build upon one another. Remember this is the way to creating the life you want!


Step two

Prior to the first session, take some time to think about your intention for the ongoing sessions. Write it down so you will remember when we talk. Remember to have an open mind and heart to explore all of the possiblities during the session. Your willingness is the key facstor to the success of the Coaching experience. Right before the session take 5 minutes to center yourself and decide on your intentions for the session.


Step Three

The sessions will be 50 minutes on the phone, in person in Washington Crossing, PA or via internet on a confidential connection such as VSee. During the sessions shifts will occur depending on your willingness. Set up a quiet space where you will be uninterupted and have little distractions. If you live with others please inform them you need time and space to attend the session in peace. Depending on your intention for the call we will utilize various techniques and cocreate your goals. You will be suprised by the deep level of support you will feel as I align your intention and energy with mine to cocreate your goals.

Step Four

After the session journal about any "aha" moments to discuss next session. Follow through on homework and connect with me if you have questions in between sessions.


Step Five

At the end of the plan you will choose to continue with more sessions or terminate Coaching services. It is best to have additional sessions to maintian your goals and follow through with what you have learned. IF you feel ready to end it is totally up to you.