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Coaching for Counselors & Healers

• Ready to get your Practice going?

• Scared to open your private practice?

• Ready to look at what is preventing you from attracting the right clients?

• Want to bring peace and clarity to the process of opening or growing your practice?


Stacey is the right coach for you!

I have successfully grown my practice in three different locations quickly! (due to relocating)

I would love to support you and share how you can do the same.

I can help you when building a new Counseling practice, or rejuvenating an ongoing practice.

Coaching can:

  • Help you attract the clientele you want
  • Clarify your focus
  • Provide Support
  • Calm your worries
  • Help you increase your income
  • Build your confidence
  • Learn to take care of yourself in the business of creating a new business
  • Balance between work and family
  • Marketing ideas
  • Self Care

Having a Coach can only enhance your business and broaden your capabilities! The skies the limit. If you would like to learn more about my work as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor please visit

I’m excited to work with Stacey again. She helped me in my teenage years and now in my 20’s. No one was quite like Stacey in her approach and making me feel comfortable. She’s super knowledgeable, friendly, calming, and overall an amazing coach. I am so thankful she was brought into my life because she ultimately saved me. She’s truly unique and someone you definitely want in your corner if you need advice. I am so grateful every day for what she’s done for me. You won't be disappointed if you go to her, I promise. She will be the best coach you’ve ever gone to!
Erica P
Stay-at-Home Mom
I have been seeing Stacey for over two years now and I cannot believe the impact she has had on my life. I was extremely hesitant about coaching but after one session I knew I made the right decision. I immediately felt comfort and calmness in her presence which gave me the safe space I had always needed to work on myself. Through her I was able to look at my life from a different point of view and discover my true potential. I have never felt more confident and proud of who I am as a person which is something I have struggled with my whole life. She has also showed me how to become more understanding and empathetic to others through her own actions and I am forever grateful.
Michaela H.
Sales Development
"I am so thankful that I found Stacey! I am a proud parent of an 17 year old who struggles with anxiety in social situations. Stacey's coaching techniques have made a positive difference in our lives. Stacey provides a calming and comforting environment. She makes you feel safe. She is friendly, understanding and compassionate. Immediately my daughter and I were drawn to her. With Stacey's coaching and grounding techniques she has helped my daughter establish a foundation to be a positive individual filled with self confidence. We are very grateful.”
Deborah W.
A proud parent
"I have been seeing Stacey for 8 months now. This coaching experience has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Stacey has helped me become self aware and a lot more confident. With her help, dealing with my teenage years has been easier. Stacey made me feel safe and comfortable. When I first met her I felt an instant connection and I knew she really cares about her patients. Stacey has opened my eyes and has taught me to not be so scared of life."
Kelsey W.